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What is a Certified Fraud Examiner (CFE)?
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What is a Certified Fraud Examiner (CFE)?

Certified Fraud Examiners are specialised professionals worldwide who have demonstrated high level ability to achieve across the same rigorous criteria. Auxilium Partners is pleased to announce that our partner, Paul Cockburn, is now one of the few Certified Fraud Examiners in Perth.

Auxilium Partners’ clients benefit from Paul’s investigative tenacity, forensic audit skills, and ability to ‘feel’ fraud. Of course, his expert disentanglement of transaction irregularities in the field of real estate are legendary.

For small business owners interested in knowing some of the very real challenges, the classic ‘fraud tree’ is one way to look at the issues. The ACFE Fraud Tree below was made in USA, however, the same principles apply worldwide. No country is immune. It is important to note that fraud is perpetrated by humans usually because other humans have not done something. Technology alone cannot prevent fraud.
Fraud protection becomes quite easy as soon as a business owner takes the first step of recognizing that fraud is ALWAYS possible, no matter how reliable and honest you have found your staff to be. Circumstances can and do change.