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Cyber Risk Analytics
//Cyber Risk Analytics

What is Cyber Risk Analytics?

Cyber risk is defined as exposure to harm or loss (financial, intellectual, physical) resulting from breach of, or attack on, technical infrastructure or the use of technology within an organization. Cyber risk is directly related to opportunity (internal or external) and intent (malicious or unintentional).

Cyber security refers to preventative methods used to protect online data.

Cyber analytics is the process of determining the risk posed by a cyber-attack to an organisation. At Auxilium Partners we look at how your organisation protects itself and its clients in the online world then determine your risk of cyber-attack.  Sadly, we know that a cyber-attack of some form will happen in every business, small and large. The only question is when and how big will be the loss and/or damage to the organisation!!

How can we help?

Auxilium Partners can confidentially and cost-effectively provide the analysis you need to reduce cyber risk to an acceptable level. There is no world where there is no risk! We interpret and summarize the status of your business in the online world and determine your cyber risk. Your IT department is very busy keeping technology for your business functioning but they cannot be cyber security experts too. We make it our business to know cutting-edge cyber security solutions.

We provide the ideal metric for Directors and CEO’s to use to underpin your IT staff or external service provider.

After Auxilium Partners has determined the extent and nature of your current cyber defense we recommend the most cost-effective solutions. You cannot afford not to know. How well is data in your business protected? Contact us now.

In every organisation, there are many factors contributing to cyber risk. Here are some tips to keep in mind for your workplace:

  • Personal failures become public
  • Public failures become personal
  • Small lapses in judgment can have dire and delayed consequences
  • Not logging out at end of day is the perfect open door for information thieves
  • Excessive sharing of personal data on social media provides vital details for use by hackers (aka threat actors). Ask your staff not to answer those social media quiz questions that seem harmless but in reality they are collecting valuable data including name, location, birthday etc.

Get in touch to see how we can help you with Cybersecuirty