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Insolvency For Accountants & Lawyers
//Insolvency For Accountants & Lawyers

When you and your client engage our services to deal with special situations, we guarantee to add value to your client relationship. We are Chartered Accountants expert in restructuring, insolvency and forensic analysis. We offer specialist support to our professional colleagues who are corporate and family lawyers or tax and audit CA/CPA accountants.


When formal court documents (such as Default Notices, Winding-up Notices) are served on the Registered Address of businesses (accountant’s office) it is advisable to immediately contact the Director personally to explain the nature of the problem before forwarding the documents.

You may like to offer your client the opportunity to come with you to meet Bob Jacobs at Auxilium Partners to discuss the options going forward. An early start on these processes often leads to an improved outcome.

Please bring all relevant paperwork such as formal notices, BAS and integrated accounting printouts (MYOB, QuickBooks, Xero) to the meeting.


Inter alia, Auxilium Partners provide alternate solutions when:

  • Winding up Notice is received by your clients.
  • Secured creditors and disputes require an experienced Receiver and Manager to deliver independent expertise and facilitate the commercial outcome given the circumstances
  • Director dispute “stand-off” requires a Provisional Liquidator
  • Joint venture partners dispute the financial valuation
  • Expert Witness value calculations are required for litigation or settlement

You and your client will find our fees very reasonable for Registered Liquidator and Administrator professional services. Everyone benefits from Bob Jacobs’ 30+ years’ experience administering large and small scale solvency situations.


Auxilium Partners offer:

  • Pre-lending due diligence for local, national and some global acquisitions
  • Ongoing monitoring due diligence

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