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Current Appointments
//Current Appointments

Reports for Creditors

On request by email, Auxilium Partners can provide online access for “Reports to Creditors.” Listed below some of the most recent companies for which Bob Jacobs has been appointed to provide insolvency solutions.


CL: Court Appointed Liquidation also known as Official Liquidation (OL)  |  CT: Creditor’s Trust   |  CVL: Creditors’ Voluntary Liquidation  | SL: Simplified Liquidation  |  DOCA: Deed Of Company Arrangement  |  MVL: Members’ Voluntary Liquidation   |  REC: Receiver & Manager Appointed   |  VA: Voluntary Administration   |  SBR: Small Business Restructure

Current Appointments

Case CodeBusiness NameAppointment TypeAppointment Start
SAU001Shmick Auto Pty LtdCVL2021: 31 May
PMH001Precision Mining and Drilling Holdings Pty LtdCT2021: 21 Jun
PMD001Precision Mining and Drilling Pty LtdCT2021: 21 Jun
JSA001John Sanidas Pty LtdCVL2021: 25 Jan
DRE001David Regan & Co Pty LtdCVL2021: 8 Feb
KEL001Kintec Electrical Pty LtdCVL2021: 16 Jun
PBU001Perth Builders Pty LtdCVL2020: 6 Oct
GTP001GT Linings Pty LtdCVL2020: 29 July
LBT001Lepak Bateman Pty LtdCVL2020: 28 Aug
ADZ001Adzoo Pty LtdCVL2020: 24 Mar
NHO001Necessary Holdings Pty Ltd CVL2020: 16 Sep
AGR001A40F Group Pty Ltd ATF Keatch Family TrustREC2020: 14 May
DHO001DTMC Holdings Pty LtdCL2020: 14 Jan
RCO001CVLRaville Contracting Pty LtdCVL2020: 1 Apr
ESP001CVLEvent Services & Productions Pty LtdCVL2019: 28 May
BEP001Bancroft Enterprises Pty LtdCVL2019: 20 Dec
ASC001Ascot Z Pty LtdVA2019: 17 Jun
RDR001Resource Drilling Australia Pty LtdCL2019: 17 Jul
VSH001CVLVSM 3 Star Hospitality Pty LtdCVL2019: 17 Apr
WRE001WA Rigging Enterprises Pty LtdCVL2019: 8 Nov
OME001Omega 888 Pty Ltd REC2019: 7 Aug
MID001CVLMidland Z Pty LtdCVL2019: 1 Jul
PPS002Personal Pathway Solutions Pty LtdCL2018: 27 Mar
OWL001CVLOnslow Workforce and Labour Solutions Pty LtdCVL2018: 25 May
MWE001Manjimup Wine Enterprises Pty Ltd REC2018: 21 Aug
PRE001Pluton Resources LimitedREC2018: 17 Aug
NGP001NY Grill and Pizza Pty LtdCL2018: 13 Dec
NPA001ACN 620 492 453 Pty LtdCVL2018: 7 May
CHO001ACN 162 234 728 Pty LtdCVL2018: 7 Feb
AMC001Allmodern Corporation Pty LtdCVL2018: 4 Apr
ROI001Romanista Investments Pty LtdCL2017: 30 Nov
TFM001CLTraining For Me Pty LtdCL2017: 29 Nov
TST001CVLThe Shed Tavern Pty LtdCVL2017: 25 May
BKE001CVLBreda Kenny Pty LtdCVL2017: 20 Mar
NTC001NTC Employee Solutions Pty LtdCVL2017: 10 Oct
NAT001CVLNew Age Trading Pty. Ltd.CVL2017: 5 May
JJR001JJR Transport Pty LtdCL2017: 1 Aug
GCA001CVLGlobal Constructions Australia Pty LtdCVL2016: 22 Apr
BEL001Better Electrical Pty Ltd CVL2021: 15 Jun
NST001North Star Interiors Pty LtdCVL2021: 10 Jun
TSD001TSD Plant Hire Pty LtdCVL2015: 19 Oct

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