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Current Appointments
//Current Appointments

Reports for Creditors

Auxilium Partners are pleased to provide online access for Reports to Creditors. For interested parties documents related to each of our appointments can be found using VIEW MORE links to Creditors Portal of IPS (Insolvency Practitioners Software).

NOTE 1: Some companies may not have online documents and Resolved Matters are listed elsewhere

NOTE 2: If you have forgotten or not received IPS login details, contact Auxilium Partners by email

NOTE 3: When you contact us by email (admin@auxiliumpartners.com.au) please include, in the subject line, the staff member’s name dealing with your case if possible. Check VIEW MORE to find the staff member responsible for your case

NOTE 4: You CANNOT use VIEW MORE for voting or virtual meetings. For those functions you need to LOGIN with the IPS CODE shown below and your IPS Password. Check on the IPS Portal or contact us by email if you do not have a password.

Case CodeNameTypeAppointment DateLinks
JJR001JJR Transport Pty LtdCL8/1/2017
NGP001NY Grill and Pizza Pty LtdCL12/13/2018
PPS002Personal Pathway Solutions Pty LtdCL3/27/2018
PPS001Positive Property Solutions (WA) Pty LtdCL11/16/2017
RIN001Rarewest Investments Pty LtdCL9/11/2018
ROI001Romanista Investments Pty LtdCL11/30/2017
TFM001CLTraining For Me Pty LtdCL11/29/2017
EPC001A.C.N. 153 364 491 LtdCVL5/30/2013
CHO001ACN 162 234 728 Pty LtdCVL2/7/2018
NPA001ACN 620 492 453 Pty LtdCVL5/7/2018
AMC001Allmodern Corporation Pty LtdCVL4/4/2018
BON001CVLBondstrong Pty LtdCVL12/22/2017
BKE001CVLBreda Kenny Pty LtdCVL3/20/2017
CCI001CVLCambridge Civil Pty LtdCVL9/9/2016
CCO001Collapsible Containers LtdCVL6/28/2019
ESP001CVLEvent Services & Productions Pty LtdCVL5/28/2019
FBS001FM Beauty Specialist Pty LtdCVL2/19/2019
GJW001G & J (WA) Pty LtdCVL6/27/2017
GCA001CVLGlobal Constructions Australia Pty LtdCVL4/22/2016
HHA001CVLHaigh & Hastings Pty LtdCVL2/28/2017
JCE001JCE Management Pty LtdCVL5/7/2018
JDI001JumpClimb Digital Pty LtdCVL5/7/2018
JUM001JumpClimb Pty LtdCVL5/7/2018
MID001CVLMidland Z Pty LtdCVL7/1/2019
NIS001National Investigation Services of Australia Pty LtdCVL2/28/2018
NAT001CVLNew Age Trading Pty. Ltd.CVL5/12/2017
NTC001NTC Employee Solutions Pty LtdCVL10/10/2017
OWL001CVLOnslow Workforce and Labour Solutions Pty LtdCVL10/25/2018
ODH001CVLOpen Door Hospitality Pty LtdCVL4/5/2019
PFA001CVLPizza Famiglia Pty LtdCVL1/30/2017
RBD001R & B Directional Drilling Pty LtdCVL2/28/2017
SDM001S & D Machinery Hire Pty LtdCVL4/27/2017
TST001CVLThe Shed Tavern Pty LtdCVL5/25/2017
TIN001Total Information Technology Solutions Pty LtdCVL6/30/2017
TSD001TSD Plant Hire Pty LtdCVL10/19/2015
VSH001CVLVSM 3 Star Hospitality Pty LtdCVL4/17/2019
WCG001CVLWestern Construction Group Pty LtdCVL2/21/2018
WIN001Windturbine Pty LtdCVL3/14/2018
ABT001Abterra LimitedMISC
ACO001Affinity Conveyancing (Andrea Eileen Spry t/as)MISC8/24/2017
CRO001Crowley E.M. & Crowley B.A.MISC3/25/2019
GCO001Gebro Contracting Pty LtdMISC
HEL001Hiddlestone Electrics Pty LtdMISC12/19/2017
JIN001Juda Investments Pty LtdMISC6/9/2017
MRI001Mighty River International LtdMISC
NHO001Newyear Holdings Pty Ltd (In Liquidation)MISC6/19/2019
PFG001PFG - Debt RestructuringMISC
PHP001Port Hedland Property NegotiationsMISC
PAG001Project AgilityMISC2018
REM001Real Estate MastersMISC1/7/2016
RWA002Retirees WA (Inc)MISC8/20/2018
RID001Ridgelight Pty LtdMISC9/19/2018
RHR001Ron Harman RealtyMISC10/31/2018
SRE002Scarborough RedevelopmentMISC
SWE001Smith v Westpac LimitedMISC
SRE001Squires Real EstateMISC2/23/2016
MHO001My Holdings (WA) Pty LtdMVL10/20/2017
MWE001Manjimup Wine Enterprises Pty LtdREC8/21/2018
PRE001Pluton Resources Limited (in Liquidation)REC8/17/2018
SDC001Sunlander Dental CentreREC6/13/2017
ASC001Ascot Z Pty LtdVA6/17/2019

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