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Our Team
//Our Team

Meet The Senior Team

The four seniors and three intermediates in our team come from a variety of professional backgrounds including investigations and corporate insolvency experience in the Big 4, law, forensic accounting, management, audit and consulting. As an agile firm, we have embraced the work from home (remote work) disruption caused by COVID19 because many facets of insolvency are well suited to this style of work.

However our priority is always to provide personal service for our clients. Senior staff meet regularly with clients in person or on video meetings as determined by health regulations. We intentionally maintain a relatively lean team to allow upsizing when required and to mentor interns/students.

Morné Myburgh

Morné arrived in Perth from South Africa in June 2015, joining Auxilium Partners shortly afterwards. He has valuable experience in management accounting with a large South African mining group came after some time in the audit field for financial and technology control systems. Morné is a Australian Chartered Accountant and is responsible for financial forensic investigations and system software leadership in addition to his insolvency duties.

Kelly Turner

Kelly joined Auxilium Partners as Insolvency Manager (part-time) in mid 2016 after extended parental leave. She is a Chartered Accountant with more than 14 years of experience in financial advisory matters. Kelly began her career working with the same global insolvency firm as Bob Jacobs. Between 2005 and 2011, Kelly moved to the UK to work for a Big 4 accounting firm. In 2018 she completed the ARITA insolvency course with exceptionally high results.

Brendon Turner

Brendon joined Auxilium Partners in early 2017 as Insolvency Manager. He is a Chartered Accountant with 19 years’ experience in corporate insolvency matters. Brendon’s experience includes working for a Big 4 firm in London where he was involved in the administration of several Enron Europe companies. He has completed the ARITA insolvency course and worked for other corporate insolvency firms in Perth.

Lorili Jacobs

Lorili joined Auxilium Partners in 2017 as Resources Coordinator (part-time). Her varied role utilizes her expertise in management of small teams, development of corporate policies and protocols plus her people skills developed during 25 years of professional employment in hospitals, Curtin University and UWA.  Lorili has a Master of Science and is part way through a PhD.

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