Forensic Accounting

Paul Cockburn at Auxilium Partners is one of the few Certified Fraud Examiners (CFE) in Perth. Those who engage Auxilium Partners for forensic accounting can expect an aggressive and meticulous approach resulting in findings that will withstand the most aggressive legal scrutiny.

Our clients rely on Auxilium Partners to discretely conduct financial forensic investigations such as:

  • Reconstruction of corrupted accounting records
  • Quantification of economic loss or damages from a breach of contract
  • Independent expert valuation services for reporting or tax purposes for business transactions or dispute
  • Cost-effective e-REVIEW during litigation for management of large volume electronic financial records
  • Litigation support to ensure financial documentation is effectively supported by expert opinion
  • Unearthing digital evidence using technical expertise and understanding of legal processes
  • Expert witness statements to the courts. Our Forensic IT specialists possess the qualifications, training and experience to meet professional and statutory regulations
  • Investigation and analysis to explain evidence by uncovering complex accounting transactions. Seemingly harmless documents are questioned to uncover inconsistencies and deceptive discrepancies Data analytics of organisations’ financial records to expose evidence of criminal conduct or to support the determination of, or rebuttal of, claimed damages
  • Disclosure of spouses’ hidden assets prior to court
  • Family law financial investigation prior to settlement

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