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distressed creditor looking for advice on how to get paid when company is in liquidation

For Creditors

stressed company director when bills cannot be paid

For Directors

Accountants and lawyers engage experts such as Auxilium Partners

For Accountants & Lawyers

Worried employees ask Auxilium Partners what happens next when their workplace goes into liquidation or administration

For Employees

Finding fraud analysing business income and costs

Forensic Accounting

Cyber risk analysis to summarize the status of your business in the online world.

Cyber Risk Analytics

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Small and medium size business owners - GET advice to PREVENT, DETECT and DETER fraud.

We Work Harder For You

Do you suspect FRAUD? the boss or an employee? USE our confidential forensic accounting expertise

Value For Money During COVID

Auxilium Partners is proud to use ‘out of the box’ thinking to provide the BEST solution for you. We know all the latest law changes

Special Financial Situation

Auxilium Partners provide trusted advice to small and medium size businesses for all insolvency processes, fraud or forensic investigation matters.

WA Focus with Global Connections

Is your insolvency, dispute or special accounting situation related to Western Australia or do you have issues extending nationwide or overseas? Our experts collectively have 100 years’ experience.

Business In Trouble?

Thinking to wind-up or rescue your business? We give you choices. Registered Liquidator, Bob Jacobs has wide experience in Australia and overseas with big corporate restructures, administration of small to medium size business and complex liquidations.

Why Auxilium Partners?

Our Name is Our Vision
auxilium (Latin noun): aid, help, assistance, support.
Auxilium Partners strips away unnecessary expensive extras, focusing on work that directly supports client interests.
Established in March 2015, by two highly respected accounting and insolvency professionals, Auxilium Partners provides a personalised and pragmatic approach to corporate advisory services, insolvency and forensic investigations.


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Business In Trouble?

Ready to take action to wind-up or rescue your business? Suspect fraud, have a Family Law or business dispute? What to do when you get an ATO demand notice? We are here to HELP for these and ALL special situations.