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  • Should Bitcoin, Ponzi and Maddoff be considered together? Diana Henriques was the original reporter who interviewed Bernie Madoff in gaol (jail). She reminds us “The #1 lesson Madoff’s fraud teaches anti-fraud professionals is that no deterrence program, however elaborate, will

  • Businesses with over $100,000 in tax debts started receiving letters in September 2021 from the ATO warning them that their tax debt information would be reported to credit reporting bureaus (CRB) if the ATO was not engaged within 28 days.  If your client received this letter and interactions were not initiated to put a payment plan put

  • When selling goods on credit, the Retention of Title (RoT) clause ensures that ownership (or title) of the goods supplied are not transferred to the customer until the customer has made full payment, even if they have taken possession of

  • Business Email Compromise (BEC) scams are on the rise in Australia and businesses need to be especially alert to the dangers.  BEC is a fraud technique used by scammers to redirect invoice payments to a fraudulent bank account. Typically, scammers will intercept business emails that contain invoices and then contact

  • One of the advantages of operating a business through a company is the separation of business and personal assets. However, since April 2020, company directors can be held personally liable for unpaid Goods & Services Tax (GST), Luxury Car Tax (LCT) and

  • Having an arrangement with the Australian Tax Department (ATO) to pay off tax debt by instalments can seem like the perfect answer BUT there are consequences. Yes, it does take the pressure off short term cash flow shortages. However, problems arise

  • Insolvency is defined as the point when a company can’t pay its debts when they are due. If your company is showing signs of financial problems, it’s your obligation as Director to determine as soon as possible if the company is at risk of insolvency. Being proactive in determining the viability of

  • Do you have a client who regularly pays invoices late or is refusing to pay at all? It is a common problem in business and most of the time a friendly reminder or a conversation about the issue will rectify

  • In response to COVID, Australia has introduced more options for small business to simplify the process of resolving financial difficulties. This will allow more businesses to avoid insolvency, meaning a better outcome for businesses, creditors, employees and the overall economy. 1.

  • If your company is in financial distress, it’s important to determine if it is just a temporary cash flow issue or if you are on the brink of insolvency. Not only will this give your company a better chance of

  • When a business finds itself struggling, a forensic accountant uses their expert auditing and investigation skills to examine financial complexities and find out why things are not adding up. Forensic accountants help you avoid costly and unnecessary financial losses, disputes and